Configuration Manager has only a feature called UDA which installes applications directly after the task sequence. But then the user is already able to login an d work. This small web service improves this process significantly, because it enables you to install all applications during os deployments which is not possible with the built in features. For more screenshots and manuals have look on our blog post which explaines the service clearly.

The second main Feature is, that the service could be used to randomly generate your local administrator passwords and store them centrally. It’s also possible to do that on a regular schedule. This enhances the security in your environment. Read this blog post to get all details.

Your benefits with MiniWebService

  • Install all assigned Apps during OS deployment. When the task sequence ends, it has really finished installing! –> Blog Post
  • Automatically change Local Administrator Passwords and store them central. –> Blog Post
  • Synchronize ConfigMgr Device Variables to Registry for Reports and Collection Queries –> Blog Post
  • Set BIOS Time to Server Time in TS –> Blog Post

Minimal Environment

  • Microsoft SCCM 2012 or higher

Recommended Environment

  • Microsoft SCCM 2012 or higher




This part of netECM is Freeware and there is no support.